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Favorite Holiday Treats for 2022

Do you want fun, tasty holiday treats that are easy to prepare? I totally understand. I am a little non-traditional with my Holiday Treats.  My family and friends favor super tasty delicious snacks versus traditional rolled, cutout cookies.  Personally I like all kinds of snacks and treats, my family would say I have a real sweet tooth.  That being said, these treats all have a sweet component to them.  For those of you who look for easy and tasty holiday favorites, here are some recipes for you.

Easy Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies 2
Easy Sugar Cookies

These Easy Sugar Cookies are one of my all time favorite holiday treats.  They are super easy to make, are a fun kid project, are easy to create holiday designs and most importantly taste great!!!  What else could you ask for?

I started making these sugar cookies many years ago.  They were part of my annual Christmas cookie collection since I always decorated them with green and red colored sugar.  Perfect cookies to match with Biscotti, Oatmeal Cookie Bars with Jam and Homemade Chex Mix.  These cookies and treats create a colorful and tasty holiday cookie tray!

Any recipe that uses ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry are always the best.  Easy Sugar Cookies are one of those perfect recipes.  Simple ingredients that when put together create a yummy tasty treat without having to go to the grocer to pick up ingredients you don’t have available.

This basic recipe also can be modified to create a bit of a different taste.  Consider using a cinnamon sugar topping and now you have snickerdoodle cookies.  Another time maybe top with some chocolate chips, or mix in pumpkin pie spice with sugar topping to make a spicy cookie for Halloween – BOO!!!

So take out your ingredients and start making these Easy Sugar Cookies today.  You will not regret making or eating these yummy delights. They are soooo good!!!

Homemade Chex Mix

Chex Mix also

Homemade Chex Mix

Over the years I have made a variety of Christmas holiday treats.  Homemade Chex Mix is always described by family and friends as a yummy favorite.

I believe that by taking the time to roast the chex cereal and nuts in the oven you perfect the chex mix treat.  It reminds us of our childhood when that was the only way to have chex mix.  It was not available in the store.

The great part of Homemade Chex Mix is that you can add candy treats after it is cooled and customize this wonderful snack into a tasty treasure.  This homemade simple chex mix recipe, explodes with unbelievable flavors when blended together – salty, sweet, spicy, chocolate etc.  It is just perfect! 

When you are looking for the perfect treat this holiday season, don’t forget to make Homemade Chex Mix for your family and friends.  It is a fun family cooking event and is even better as a snack while watching a holiday movie.  Enjoy the holidays!!!

Holiday Candied Nuts

simple candied nuts recipe

Holiday Candied Nuts

This recipe was very popular many years ago.  It became a staple at our house during the Christmas season.  The smell in the house while the nuts were baking was amazing! Everyone could not wait until the yummy candied nuts were ready to sample. I often would make Christmas cookies and would include Candied nuts as a special treat.

Friends and family would always comment how much they loved the Candied Nuts.  You can often find vendors in shopping malls selling something similar, but homemade is always so much better!!!

This recipe also is a great addition to various party events like baby showers, birthday parties and Thanksgiving buffets. Mix these nuts in with some candies of the season, like holiday M&Ms or Candy Corn. Make this recipe your own and let it become a new family favorite!

Best Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies

Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies -cover

Best Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies

Occasionally you just want a melt in your mouth, over the top, delicious chocolate dessert – and this is the one!!!  It is easy to make and crazy good.  You just have to love it!

Chocolate chip cookies seem to be the one type of cookie that everyone has a recipe for.  It could be their grandmother’s favorite cookie recipe.  Or it could be a recipe that everyone loves used by many from their local church.  But they often are really different when you review the recipes and see how the cookies are actually made.

Many bakers like to use a recipe that is on the back of a bag of chocolate chips.  Most recipes are good, some just ok, and some are super dry.  This Chocolate Chip Bar Cookie recipe takes chocolate chip desserts to the next level.  As long as you are ok with a bar cookie versus a drop cookie, you just found a winner.

The first time I made these Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies my family was amazed.  Everyone had seconds and even thirds.  They absolutely loved them!!  That is definitely a great review, because my family gets to try out all of my recipes and they have become great food critics.  So I know this recipe is amazing!!!

So next time you want an easy to make, super yummy, melt in your mouth chocolate chip dessert, make these Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies.  You will impress your friends and delight your family.  Go ahead and make some today!!!

Holiday Treat: Oatmeal Cookie Bars with Jam

Oatmeal Cookie Bar with Jam

Oatmeal Cookie Bars with Jam

One of my all time favorite go to simple dessert recipes is the Oatmeal Cookie Bars with Jam. While my kids were growing up, they couldn’t get enough of this delicious snack.  I love how you can individually cut them and wrap them up so you can take them on the go.

This is the kind of recipe that reminds you of family and good old fashioned cookies.  It’s the wonderful flavor of butter mixed with amazing jam that gives this recipe that homemade taste.  If you have homemade jam or can find some, go ahead and treat yourself!  It will make this recipe even more special.

If you prefer pie-filling type centers, you can substitute the pie filling for the jam in the recipe.  If you are lucky enough to have any kind of berries available, make your own pie filling and use it in this recipe.  Enjoy this taste of homemade goodness!

Authentic Homemade Baklava

Homemade Baklava

Authentic Homemade Baklava

I have such fond memories of Baklava.  It is the perfect dessert to end a traditional Greek meal.  This is the kind of dessert that seems so challenging that you would only have it at a Greek restaurant.

However, Homemade Baklava is amazing!  The freshness of lemon zest and walnuts can not be duplicated.  It takes Baklava to the next level of yummy.

So to make Homemade Baklava all you need to have are the ingredients and a lot of patience.  You very carefully assemble all the layers of phyllo and nut filling to make a masterpiece.  Take your time layering the dough, no need to rush.

As the Baklava is baking your kitchen smells heavenly.  Expect your family to be anxiously awaiting a piece of dessert.  This dessert is enough for 12 plus leftovers!  So consider making Homemade Baklava for a special event and expect your family and friends to tell others about your wonderful baking skills.

Take a minute to thank your family and friends for being there for you during this trying year.  Having the time to be enjoy family and friends allows time for great recipes and delicious food.  I hope you enjoy my Favorite Holiday Treat recipes and enjoy this holiday time with those you love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!   Mary

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