Thanksgiving 2021 recipes

6 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes of 2021

Holidays are always a great time to enjoy family and friends, and of course fabulous food using great thanksgiving recipes!!!  Thanksgiving is the holiday that allows us to reflect on the best of our family and friends over the past year.  So consider this year to reflect on the wonderful events of this year and prepare some of my personal favorite recipes. These family favorites are easy to make, wonderfully delicious and will be cherished for years to come.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Perfectly Yummy Dinner Rolls

Soft Dinner Rolls

Perfectly Yummy Soft Dinner Rolls

Sometimes you just want a yummy soft dinner roll and there is nothing better than one that is homemade. The easiest way to make a soft dinner roll is to use a bread maker on the dough setting and let the machine do the hard work for you. I found that using a bread maker is often a great way to mix and knead dough when you want to take a few shortcuts.

These Soft Dinner Rolls will rival any restaurant dinner rolls you will ever eat!  They are soft, tasty and only have the finest ingredients and no preservatives.  These rolls are the best reason to take a chance and make homemade dinner rolls. 

My family can’t wait until the rolls come out of the oven.  The smell totally takes over the house.  There is nothing quite as good as the smell of baking fresh bread or rolls.  These rolls are good with dinner, to make small sandwiches, or as a dessert with jelly or jam.  A yummy soft dinner roll that is just plain or with a topping, nothing is better.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Classic Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

Classic Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

Many years ago I decided that I needed to learn how to roast a turkey for Thanksgiving.  It was a staple of a classic Thanksgiving or Christmas meal in my family.  It took many different tries before I figured out that it was best to just make a turkey breast and make the stuffing/dressing on the side for my family.  It was easier and everyone enjoyed it more.

My mom can be credited with giving me the idea to put olive oil on the outside of the turkey breast instead of butter.  It works like a charm.  It roasts perfectly and you do not baste the turkey breast – YAHOO!  One less thing to worry about while making a holiday meal.

The Classic Herb Roasted Turkey Breast is tasty and tender and is a great main meal.  This recipe is one that I make year round.  It always is a big favorite and is a healthy choice for a meal.  Go ahead and try the Classic Herb Roasted Turkey Breast for your next meal.  It will become a family favorite!

Thanksgiving Recipe: Easy Sausage Stuffing

Easy Sausage Stuffing

Easy Sausage Stuffing

Over the years I have made many different kinds of stuffing.  Some were big hits and others were just average.  However the magic ingredient to all the best stuffing recipes in Italian sausage.  By adding sausage meat to the stuffing you have increased the amount of flavors to the meal.  It is the wow factor.

In my family, Easy Sausage Stuffing is the leftover eaten the most.  It is practically a meal in itself.  Tasty sausage and other yummy ingredients all mixed in one.

You can make a great turkey sandwich with this stuffing.  Perfect when watching all those Thanksgiving football games.

I use Stove Top stuffing mix in this recipe because it is easy and has all the basics of a good bread stuffing.  By adding just a few ingredients you end up having a gourmet style stuffing that everyone will be raving about.  Go ahead and give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Easy Roasted Little Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes

Easy Roasted Little Potatoes

I love eating a potato that is crunchy, crusty on the outside, but soft in the middle. In my family we always make baked potatoes by placing them outside on the grill for a bit after they come out of the oven!  This creates that crunchy outside skin on the potato.

This recipe allows you to have that similar flavor of crusty on the outside and soft in the middle, by baking little potatoes in the oven for 30 minutes!  This is a game changer.  A perfect potato dish baked in 30 minutes that everyone loves and is super easy.

So next time you want to wow your family or friends, consider making these Roasted Little Potatoes.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Easy Homemade Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Homemade Spiced Cranberry Sauce complete

Easy Homemade Spiced Cranberry Sauce

When I was growing up, we only had jellied cranberries that came out of a can, that you sliced and then served.  It was ok, but nothing special.  Once I noticed fresh cranberries at the grocer and I thought why not make my own cranberry sauce.  It has become one of my favorite recipes of winter.  As soon as I find them available at the grocer, I start making this recipe.

So aside from a typical holiday side dish, cranberry sauce is a perfect addition to some everyday food favorites.  I like adding cranberry sauce to vanilla yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, waffles and pancakes.  Also, what a great addition to a turkey deli meat sandwich, so yummy!!

So take a chance and make this cranberry sauce.  It is a wonderful addition to your favorite meal or breakfast item.  Like me you will wish you could purchase fresh cranberries year round!

Thanksgiving Recipe: Easy as 1,2,3 – Holiday Spiced Coffee

10 Yummy Pumpkin Spice and Holiday Coffee Drinks

Easy as 1,2,3 – Holiday Spiced Coffee

Ok so I love holiday flavors, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My favorite flavors include cinnamon and cloves, yummy!  I am also a big coffee drinker and it is my all time favorite beverage.  My family would say I am coffee obsessed HAHAHA.  

So during the holidays I love to mix my favorite beverage with my favorite holiday flavors.  The result is known at my house as Holiday Spice Coffee.  This recipe is for the folks who love flavor but want a black, low calorie or low fat coffee.  This recipe is also for those of you who don’t like all the extra additives that go into a “latte” type drink, you just prefer straight up spicy flavor!

To really change this recipe and create a more dessert type coffee, definitely add cocoa powder to your coffee as it is being brewed.  This gives you that oh so awesome chocolate, spice taste at a fraction of the calories or fat!  If you want to add a little drama to your coffee consider a bit of whipped cream to top off the Holiday Spice Coffee.  There is nothing like a little bit of whipped cream to dress up this beverage.  Consider using whipped cream in the can, great for designs and fun to make.

This holiday recipe is perfect for your Thanksgiving gathering or Christmas Party.  Your friends and family will delight in the wonderful aroma and amazing taste of this holiday treat.  Remember to add this to your list of holiday favorites along with my Delicious Oatmeal Cookie Bars with Jam.  It will become a fall and winter staple for you and your family.  Enjoy!

Remember to take a minute and thank your family and friends for being there for you during this trying year.  It is truly a year to be thankful and cherish all the wonderful blessings that happen all around us.  It has been a magical year full of great recipes and delicious food.  I hope you enjoy my favorite Thanksgiving recipes and enjoy the holiday time with those you love. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Mary

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